Raven Spirit Dance | CLASSES & COMMUNITY
Raven Spirit Dance creates, develops and produces exceptional contemporary dance that is rooted in both a traditional and contemporary Aboriginal worldview.
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Raven Spirit focuses on the creation and realization of outreach programs that take as their mandate getting people involved in their own creation and expression. The company actively reaches out to a range of audiences in hopes of broadening access and interest in creative practice. The company offers a variety of artist talks, workshops, classes and panel discussions, in conjunction with other educational and cultural organizations, to give voice to indigenous artists, creators and performers.
Raven Spirit seeks to create a space for aboriginal artists to make work, to practice, and to flourish. Raven Spirit is open to the widest manifestations of art making, but argues for practice that is culturally distinct and valuable. The struggle of making work necessitates the organization and the development of a strong voice in order to protect aboriginal artists. In the service of this aim, the company fosters ongoing strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations. Raven Sprit undertakes advocacy on a regional, national and international level.

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