Raven Spirit Dance | Spine of the Mother
Raven Spirit Dance creates, develops and produces exceptional contemporary dance that is rooted in both a traditional and contemporary Aboriginal worldview.
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Spine of the Mother


Photo credit: Renzo Babilonia

Photo credit: Renzo Babilonia

Spine of the Mother is an innovative collaboration with Indigenous artists in Canada and Peru. Tracing the inner terrain of our bodies as women through breath, impulse and memory unlocks kinetic energy creating ritual, which spans the spine of the mountain range we have shared for millennia.


The metaphor of the “Spine of Mother Earth” is a name given by Indigenous Elders in South America to the Andean mountain range that spans from the base in Argentina, through the Americas and ends at the tip of Alaska. Our bodies become the landscape like the mountain ranges that connect the North and South (the Eagle and the Condor) and through this we find our kinetic connection to others that transmits impulse, breath and spirit.


Choreography by Starr Muranko
in collaboration with performers Tasha-Faye Evans and Andrea Patriau *also performed by Olivia Shaffer
Video/Media Design: Sammy Chien
Sound Design: Edgardo Moreno
Dramaturge: Alvin Tolentino
Cultural Advisor: Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta (Peru)
Lighting Design: John Carter
Costume Design: Ines Ortner
Additional dramaturgy: Alejandro Ronceria
Length: 30 minutes


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