Raven Spirit Dance | Frost Exploding Trees Moon
Raven Spirit Dance creates, develops and produces exceptional contemporary dance that is rooted in both a traditional and contemporary Aboriginal worldview.
dance, aboriginal, vancouver, british columbia, first nations, creativity, artistic, movement, culture, indigenous, contemporary
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Frost Exploding Trees Moon

FETM- North Van 2Frost Exploding Trees Moon is a solo piece following the journey of a woman traveling her trap line. She finds a place to set up camp, builds her temporary home, and settles into the centre of her world of breath and perception. The piece tracks a physical human journey as well as a spiritual one. It asks: How does one house one’s spirit? What keeps us close to earth and what makes us long for stars?
Co-choreographed by Floyd Favel and Michelle Olson
Performed by: Michelle Olson *also performed by Jeanette Kotowich
Vocals: Kelly Daniels/ Meewasin Oma
Sound Design: Wayne Lavallee
Lighting Design: John Carter
Length: 15 minutes

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